DALLAWAY, Jacques. Constantinople ancienne et moderne, et description des côtes et isles de l'Archipel et de la Troade... [etc.], vol. Ι, Paris, chez Denné jeune, AN VII [=1799].


James Dallaway (1763-1834) was a member of the Society of Antiquities. He stayed in Istanbul for eighteen months as chaplain and physician to the British Embassy (1794-1796), headed by Liston. The naturalist J. Sibthorp and painter G. Mercati were also members of the same embassy. Dallaway and J. Morrit travelled to the Troad in November 1794. In 1800 Dallaway published «Anecdotes of the Arts in England», one of the earliest works on private collections of antiquities in Britain.

The present work, which describes Istanbul, was published in 1797. The edition describes the monuments and deals with Ottoman administration and the society of Istanbul. It also describes the Bosporus, Bursa, Smyrna, Ephesus, Miletus, Samos, the Dardanelles and Propontis. It also gives very interesting descriptions of Greek religious customs, dances and language. The edition was translated into French and German.

Written by Ioli Vingopoulou

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