Album zur Erinnerung an Constantinopel, Trieste, Lloyd, [1860?].


The illustrated albums which exalted the natural and architectural beauties of Italy, the Eastern Mediterranean, Istanbul and other locations became very popular in the 19th century. The illustrations were done by distinguished painters, while authors would be hired to compose short or extended explanatory texts. These texts were issued in at least two European languages in order to attract a wider public. Well-known publishing houses of Britain, Italy, Germany and elsewhere released series of similar travel albums.

The present album includes a series of lithographs with views and monuments of Istanbul, which were based on drawings of the artist Brindesi, and engraved by various lithographers. Most of the photogravures come from pictures taken by the eminent British photographer and coin engraver James Robertson (1813-1888). Robertson settled at Istanbul in 1843, and was official engraver of the Ottoman Imperial Mint. He also had a photographer's studio at Pera, and travelled and photographed locations In Greece, Malta, Jerusalem and the Crimean war. He is considered one of the first war photographers.

Written by Ioli Vingopoulou


  • Album zur Erinnerung an Constantinopel

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  • Album zur Erinnerung an Constantinopel, Trieste, Lloyd, [1860?].